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She continued to look at them uneasily even after she rang them up. Finally, I decide to double-check. Am I allowed to bring these next time? In an instant, I went from being awestruck at the range, variety and sheer quantity of bulk products that Bulk Barn offered to feeling incredibly disheartened. What was the use of all of that glorious package-free product if you then had to decant it into flimsy plastic bags or containers? Photo: Shutterstock. In September , Bulk Barn announced that they would be running a pilot project at their Liberty Village location in Toronto, Ontario, allowing customers to use their own containers.

When the initiative was met with resounding success, it was rolled out to another 37 stores at the end of the year. Now, on Feb. I took a trip back to my local store last week and the process was absolutely fantastic. I took my jars to the cashier so she could tare them; busily filled them up with flour, peanut butter, chickpeas and, yes, candy; paid for my purchases; and was on my way! It was absolutely brilliant. The new reusable containers from Bulk Barn. The trend to package-free shopping has increased in recent years as the zero-waste movement gains in popularity, but large-scale chain grocery stores seem reluctant to get on board, or at least create a comprehensive system to accommodate and encourage those wishing to reduce packaging waste.

Whole Foods offers bulk refills of some items like liquid soaps and shampoos and joins most grocery stores in having a bulk aisle. But still, plastic bags proliferate. And, in what is perhaps the biggest stumbling block for those beginning their zero-waste journey, large-scale grocery store chains have remained mum about their policies on reusable containers.

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My zero-waste week changed my shopping behavior for good, but even I sometimes feel strange when I approach the deli counter with my glass container asking for it to be filled with chicken breasts for my daughter. Not at Bulk Barn, however.

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No arguing with cashiers, no nervousness, no fumbling with scales and wondering how it all works. Thank you, Bulk Barn, for taking such a massive step to support waste-free shopping. We hope other stores will be joining you soon. Shoppers does not always give the discount if you are under Must present ID. This does not include the car… but still a great savings to be aware of.

BC Ferries no longer has free senior fares. Enbridge gas in Ontario does not make seniors pay a late fee or a much lower fee when they pay their monthly gas bill. Enbridge gas in Ontario has a program for reduced gas fee when a senior is low income must have proof and must apply.

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Their rules are extremely frustrating!!! I requested a large seniors coffee at McDonalds and was told they only have a seniors discount on their small coffee. Anyone else experience this? Some stores use 55, some 60 and some Have been to the Hallmark store in tge Quinte Mall in Belleville twice.

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Both times a discount was refused. I bought a sunshelter at the Rona store Fleetwood Surrey B. Nothing about sale items. It is always best to check with the store before you purchase a product.

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Since we are not affiliated with any store things can change quite often based on what we have posted. I forgot to mention in my earlier rant that I did buy the sunshelter on Ronas Seniors Day first Tuesday of the month. No card — no discount. Mcdonald at Scarborough Parkway wont accept the offer a large coffee for 85 cents every day for senior. Also any size coffee is available.

Get their app for your cellphone. If you look to make a purchase it will let you know if seniors has large coffee discounts. Just cancel the request of the online order but then you will know the rule of the restaurant you would be ordering from.

Shoppers in Midland is pretty liberal with the seniors discount. I picked up a prescription and several other items while waiting for them to fill my script. Your Value Village information is not correct. The organization should ensure that the stores and the information available on websites give the same information as it is frustrating and confusing for the Customers.