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If your head is spinning with the personal finance wizardry of it all, the key thing to understand is that here, for once, was a supermarket price promotion that actually worked out to be a great deal for consumers. When Tesco realised that, it promptly changed it.

This episode underlines how supermarket price offers are rarely the bargains they're cracked up to be. The catch with deals such as buy one, get one free, three-for-two, two-for-one and other "multibuys", is that they coax you into buying more than ever intended or need.

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Apart from wreaking havoc with your budget, much of the food on promotion ends up in the bin. Leaving aside the landfill mountain supermarket "bargains" create, as diligent shoppers who keep their pocket calculator in hand when supermarket shopping will tell you, such offers are all smoke and mirrors. Quite commonly, supermarkets set prices absurdly high at the start of the season — summer berries, for instance, are ripe for this treatment — so that they can then "reduce" them later and present that as a discount.

The industry term for this first-jack-it-up-then-bring-it-down technique is price establishment. Reduced items are usually products that are close to their sell-by date, although they are normally absolutely fine to eat for a few days afterwards.

Bloggers Ricky and Naomi Wills have worked out what a secret six-digit code means when you spot it on Tesco yellow labels on the shelves underneath cut-price products, reports one our sister titles Cambridge Live. They say you can use the code to determine whether to stock up immediately, and bag the best bargain, or whether you can afford to wait a while before filling your trolley.

They noticed the simple trick while shopping in their local branch of Tesco. Having cracked the code it is possible to confirm the offer by comparing with end-dates on the Tesco website. The first two digits of the code are the year, the next are the month, and the last two show the day.

Tesco Clubcard (Re-Vamped)

So the code , for example, means that the offer will end on the sixth of August the eight month Tesco says the code is a message to staff to tell them when the offer expires. They also say offer dates can change. Naomi wrote: "When I'm in the supermarket, I check prices like a hawk. And something is glaring on the price label on the Tesco shelf that will seem obvious when you see it.

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